Sunday, 8 January 2012

A neutral colour palette for your wedding..

The colour palette that you choose for your wedding will help to set the tone and create a mood. When you are looking to design an atmosphere that is sophisticated and modern, a neutral palette is ideal. A subtle mixture of neutral tones will help to create an environment that is utterly chic and elegant.

There are a variety of neutral shades that you can use in your wedding design. There are warmer tones, such as beige, café au lait, and cream, as well as cooler shades like grey, pewter, and smoke. The warmer neutrals tend to be more versatile as well as more inviting and atmospheric. Colour's like grey need the addition of a strong colour to bring depth i.e. a deep scarlet or bold navy.
 When you hear "neutral", your first reaction might be "boring", but used deliberately to create a subtle background allowing a fabulous vase to bring the wow into the table center, or if your wedding dress is full of lace a soft neutral toned bouquet will delicately add to the theme rather than create drama…

 So, as you can see, neutral certainly does not have to mean boring! Neutral tones are easy to use in any space, and they can work for almost any type of wedding, from the most formal to the very casual. A neutral colour palette is an easy way to have an elegant and subtle wedding ceremony and reception.

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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Retro Winter Weddings

When you think of a winter wedding, what do you think of? red and gold? stark silver and white? Maybe creams and soft colour dont come to mind, but used creatively they can work even if it snows. A bride recently asked me how she could bring retro to life for her winter wedding and would the traditional red look out of place. 

If your theme is retro make it work ..... thinking outside the box and using a little imagination can make all the difference. Timeless design and create weddings to suit each client - so no matter how wacky or wonderful your ideas, we would love to work with you to create your wedding - and make it Timeless....

So can RED really work in winter and be retro - well of course it can, here is how..... and there are no berries or roses to be seen.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

A walk through Durham on your wedding day...

Every bride has a colour or theme they are interested in or maybe not. Heather contacted had a vision, no princess dress or bust popping corset dress - comfort and style. One colour for impact and the rest was left to timeless to design and style. So in eight very short weeks the team meet Heather once to discuss the design and the rest as they say took care of its self. Heather was based in London but really wanted to marry back in the north as she put it, a quirky venue with room for dancing and fun. So here is the very beautiful story of Heather & Ian and their very special vintage wedding in Durham, including their walk through the city at midday on market day!!!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

An Elegant Vintage Wedding at Doxford Hall Hotel, Northumberland.

Picture the day, a stunning Friday morning in early June with the sun shining and the sky a vibrant blue... its the morning of Amanda Young's weddings at Doxford Hall Hotel in Alnwick, Northumberland. Amanda came to the timeless team, with specific ideas of how she wanted her day to look. After working with North East Wedding Planners, together they had created a sophisticated take on vintage elegance. With strong inspirations from the "Breakfast at Tiaffany's movie" Timeless designed, delivered and setup Amanda's wedding day decoration.

Sometimes it is the simplest of looks that have the most impact... so I believe the images do all the talking...

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